How “Fintechization” of Financial Services Affects Data Security

I will have a pleasure to moderate a panel on “How “Fintechization” of Financial Services Affects Data Security” during 10th ZPF Antifraud Congress in Warsaw, Poland

Date: 24 October 2019,

Agenda:   X ZPF Antifraud Congress Agenda

During a panel debate, which I have originated, and will have a pleasure to moderate, we shall discuss with my fellow panelists the following issues:

  1. Mass collection of data vs. its security
  2. Who is responsible for data security?
  3. Secure Banking, Secure FinTech, Secure Ecosystem – what does it really mean?
  4. PSD2 – better security in the financial sector, or another risk area?
  5. If and how persuade the clients that their data passed to FinTechs are secure?
  6. Cybersecurity solutions for the financial sector in the FinTech era
  7. Are new technology phenomena (e.g. deepfake) posing a threat to the financial sector, and how to prevent it?

On behalf of organizers, panelists and my own I hope to meet you at the event and discuss further the above issues.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me during the congress.