Family Foundations in Poland

The Polish Parliament works on a law on family foundations. New in Polish law, the institution of a family foundation is expected to improve the legal environment for the succession of family businesses.

Family businesses make up a large portion of Polish companies established in Poland over the past 30 years, and the new legislation aims to facilitate succession and the continued smooth operation of family businesses, without the need for foreign legal solutions.

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Liquidation of the LLC in Poland takes time

Liquidation (dissolution) of a limited liability company in Poland is a relatively lengthy process and requires a number of formal steps.

Since the assets remaining in the company after liquidation cannot be distributed among the shareholders until 6 months after the announcement of liquidation in the official journal, the entire liquidation process usually takes no less than 8 months.

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Counsel Jacek Wiśniewski in the Experts’ Board of Loan Magazine Awards 2023

Attorney-at-law Jacek Wiśniewski has been appointed to the Experts’ Board of Loan Magazine Awards 2023.

Loan Magazine Awards are granted yearly to the best firms and managers from the non-bank lending and fintech space in Poland.

We support non-bank lenders and fintech firms in their operations in Poland. Loan Magazine Awards is a great initiative to select and prize the best. Our firm is also supporting organizers to ensure a transparent ballot.” said Jacek Wiśniewski, the Managing Partner of #WIŚ law firm.

Loan Magazine Awards 2023 Gala will take place on 9 February 2023 in Wrocław, Poland.

The Omnibus Directive is already in force in Poland

The new law provisions strengthen consumer rights by imposing new obligations on entrepreneurs, including informing about the prior price in case of price reduction, and checking whether the reviews actually come from consumers of the purchased (used) product (service).

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